OBTEGO C-Series products are strippers and cleaners for routine cleaning of water-resistant surfaces and flooring, designed for professional use in a wide range of applications.

The OBTEGO C-Series also includes maintenance liquids for industrial environments as well as general cementitious flooring such as screed, terrazzo, spackle and levelling compounds. Given that floors unavoidably suffer mechanical wear, it is highly recommendable to use a maintenance product to keep the floor optimally protected and looking good, even after many years. Maintenance liquids provide a “sacrificial coating” while restoring surface protection.

All products are optimally compatible with the OBTEGO R-Series of sealers and round off the complete OBTEGO system.

High quality raw materials
OBTEGO uses very economical and high quality raw materials in its maintenance liquids. The surfactants used are 98% biodegradable.


Our OBTEGO C-Series