Highly reactive blend of potassium- and lithium silicate with a basic stain protection additive

Purpose / Properties

OBTEGO P-3 + has the same properties as OBTEGO P-3, but provides improved protection against chloride penetration. OBTEGO P-3+ is used as densifier and hardener on trowelled concrete as well as on grinded / polished concrete. penetrates deep into the surface and reacts then with free lime to calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), which progressively hydrated to a glass-like crystalline structure. The water absorption is reduced, the surface diffusion remains open. The following properties are present after treatment with OBTEGO P-3+: Improved abrasion resistance, dust-free, impermeable and more resistance on the surface.


Packaging Unit (PU)

 20 liter PE canister,  200 liter barrel, 1.000 liter container (IBC)