Pigmented 2-Component Lithium Silicate-Based Special Impregnating Sealer

Purpose / Properties

Given the pigmented surface refinement, OBTEGO R-40 is excellently suited to use on new, uneven concrete surfaces or old flooring. OBTEGO R-40 penetrates into the surface, where it reacts with the substrate to form a solid unit.The product protects the surface against the penetration of aqueous liquids, oils, greases and general grime. The following properties are the characteristics of the surfaces after the treatment with OBTEGO R-40: Improved wear resistance, dust-free, more waterproof and more resilient. Further advantages over EP or PU coatings are the minerality and the diffusion-openness.


Packaging Unit (PU)

18,3 kg bucket (Component A), 0,366 kg bottle (Component B)