Concrete Dye

In order to subsequently dye cementitious industrial floors, we have developed the Concrete Dye solutions.

What is OBTEGO Concrete Dye?
OBTEGO ConreteDyePro is a ready-to-use, liquid dye for the subsequent coloring of cementitious surfaces. The product was specially developed for diamond ground / polished concrete floors.

OBTEGO Concrete Dye penetrates deeply into the surface where it bonds firmly to the substrate. A uniform wetting of the surface ensures a homogeneous appearance. The product is translucent. Structures or aggregates are still visible and are not covered as in a paint.

OBTEGO Concrete Dye can be applied to almost all cementitious surfaces, with the main application being on ground / polished but also wing-smoothed concrete floors and cement screeds. Areas of use are e.g. Industrial floors in commercial enterprises, market halls, logistics centers, supermarkets, and much more. The product is intended for indoor use and can not be used outdoors.

Concrete Dye System
OBTEGO Concrete Dye is part of a system with OBTEGO silicates and impregnators. Which system suits best for your logistics area, we are happy to clarify with an individual consultation.

OBTEGO Concrete Dye can be used both for new buildings and for old coverings. Find out more about OBTEGO Concrete Dye for refurbishments.


For the colored protection of cementitious industrial floors, we have developed the ColorPro solutions.

What is OBTEGO ColorPro?
OBTEGO ColorPro is a novel, innovative protection system with incorporated pigments for the color design of surfaces.

The OBTEGO ColorPro solutions combine chemically with the substrate. This silicification does not allow to scratch or peel off like a coating. It is mineral (no polymer such as epoxy or PU), vapor-permeable, harmless to health and DGNB and LEED compliant.

The OBTEGO ColorPro solution is applicable to absorbent, monolithic concrete floors and screeds. On extremely wing-smoothed floor coverings the solution is only conditionally usable. Areas of use are e.g. Warehousing and logistics areas, production areas, workshops etc.

ColorPro system
At the heart of the solution is the OBTEGO R-40 system.

OBTEGO ColorPro can be used for new construction as well as for old coverings. Find out more about OBTEGO ColorPro for refurbishments.