If you are looking for the highest anti-staining properties for the floor covering, no or reduced color tone and increased gloss, OBTEGO P-10 and OBTEGO R-400 is the right system for you. Pre-treatment with OBTEGO P-10 minimizes surface absorbency. This reduces the consumption of the OBTEGO R-400.

OBTEGO P-10 and OBTEGO R-400 is mainly used on grinded and polished, but also on very well-winged concrete floors. Further fields of application are cement terrazzo and conditionally natural stone surfaces. The system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

On old, dirty surfaces, the surface must be prepared by diamond grinding technology to restore a clean and absorbent surface. In some cases a basic cleaning with OBTEGO C-10 is sufficient. Depending on the floor and the object, the wiping care OBTEGO C-200 or OBTEGO C-205 (industrial) can be used for further care.

Note for professionals
The waiting times for OBTEGO P-10 must be observed! For use on a wing-smoothed floor, we recommend cleaning using diamond tools (e.g. Korn 100-200).
Never apply OBTEGO P-10 and OBTEGO R-400 as a single system to putty or leveling compounds and anhydrite screed (calcium sulphate screed). The presence of gypsum in the individual soil systems could lead to reactions on the surface when the water is standing still, which appears as white spots. This is similar for magnesite screeds.