If you are looking for the highest anti-staining properties for the flooring, no or low color tone and increased gloss, OBTEGO P-20 and OBTEGO R-400 is the right system for you. Most floor coverings also provide better resistance to acidic liquids.

OBTEGO P-20 and OBTEGO R-400 is mainly used on smoothed and rough sanded concrete floors. Further fields of application are coarsely ground cement terrazzo, leveling and leveling compounds, mastic asphalt and conditionally anhydrite and magnesite screeds and natural stone. Although the system is mainly used indoors, it can also be used outdoors.

On old, dirty surfaces, the surface must be prepared by diamond grinding technology to restore a clean and absorbent surface. In some cases a basic cleaning with OBTEGO C-10 is sufficient. Depending on the floor and the object, the wiping care OBTEGO C-200 or OBTEGO C-205 (industrial) can be used for further care.

Note for professionals
On wing-smoothed surfaces, abrasive polishing using diamond grinding technology is required to allow OBTEGO P-20 to penetrate the surface. In addition, recommended for wing-smoothed surfaces OBTEGO P-20 in the variant "low viscosity".
Due to the large number of different anhydrite screeds, a sample surface must be created on the OBTEGO P-20 and OBTEGO R-400 and the system must be tested for function. The same applies to magnesite screeds.