If you want dust-free, higher abrasion resistance and easier cleaning for your floor, OBTEGO R-30 is the right system for you. The system incorporates integrated base stain protection and enhances gloss.

OBTEGO R-30 is mainly used on wing-smoothed concrete floors. Further fields of application are cement terrazzo or calcareous natural stone. If flooring does not have the required surface hardness, OBTEGO R-30 is often used as a pretreatment for OBTEGO R-400 due to its strengthening effect. Although OBTEGO R-30 is mainly used indoors, it can also be used outdoors.

On old, dirty surfaces, the surface must be prepared by diamond grinding technology to restore a clean and absorbent surface. In some cases a basic cleaning with OBTEGO C-10 is sufficient. Depending on the floor and the object, the wiping care OBTEGO C-200 or OBTEGO C-205 (industrial) can be used for further care.

Note for professionals
The use of OBTEGO R-30 is only possible on purely cementitious floor surfaces. It is not or only partially applicable to polymer-modified surfaces.